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< a href="">Marijuana Abuse: It’s Consequences & Herbal Cure
Marijuana Abuse is very dangerous addiction that paved its way not only in India, but other countries like China, USA, Australia, Spain, Canada, Nigeria, Italy, Zambia, New Zealand and Iceland. Day by day large numbers of people are getting addicted from this abuse. It is also known as weed or cannabis. Its usage is illegal in India, but it can be used only for medical purposes. Despite of all restrictions, weed business is running in hidden places and consumption graph is rapidly growing in our country. Study revealed that more than 125 million people are consuming weed in all over the world.

What is Marijuana/Weed or cannabis?
Marijuana is also known as weed, cannabis, ganja, hydro, yarndi, heads, green and pot. Let me clear you, marijuana is a species with flowers and leaves. Manufacturers of weed use this leave and flowers to produce this dangerous substance by drying or crushing.

This marijuana plants contain psychoactive substance THC (delta-9-tetrahydrocannabinol), which is very dangerous for health and more than 400 chemicals are involved to produce this product.
Why People Coming In Grip Of This Dangerous Intoxication?
In this modern era, we love to be socializing with people, doing chatting, outing, night outs, live in relationships, clubs, parties etc. In the middle of this urban stuff, sometimes we feel our life become hollow from inside. Some of them face it with confident and rest of them have desires to drown themselves in addiction.

However, when everything becomes worthless, human mind feels emptiness and hollowness that makes a way to kill them inside. Earlier, human life was not much complicated as compare than this era. Youngsters are becoming weed addicted due to abnormal lifestyle. It has been observed that for the sake of happiness and hunger of relaxation, they are coming in grip of intoxication of weed.
Harmful & Dangerous Effects on Human Body
No doubt anyone can imagine, what will be the consequences of this addiction after reading above production of this harmful species. But, to understand it with more clarity, we are remarking major effects on human body:
• Respiratory diseases
• Major Depression
• Attempt of suicide
• Memory loss
• Loss of health life
• Heart Diseases
• Adverse effects on Brain and mind

After understanding about dangerous health effects of Marijuana, we want to share good news with you people. We bring Ayurvedic remedy for this addiction with no any side effects on human health. This ayurvedic remedy is specially designed to provide deliverance to this chronic addiction with natural treatment. Ayurvedic herbal supplements are blessing to any complex diseases. It is made from 100% herbal ingredients that are safe for human body. You might have heard this song “Zindagi Na Milegi Dubara”, so keep calm and don’t feel hesitate to ask for help. Visit < a href=""> more details about this natural marijuana treatment.


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